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Get A Grip Limited Edition Black & White Split Color 2LP

Coming on the heels of the commercially and artistically successful Pump album, Aerosmith returned with their 11th studio release, Get a Grip. Released in 1993, the album is full of hit ballads like “Cryin’,” “Amazing,” and “Crazy,” that fit well alongside rockers such as “Livin’ On The Edge,” and “Eat The Rich.” A cohesive record that solidified Aerosmith as hitmakers for the MTV generation. Available on Black/White Split Color 2 LP.


Disc 1 - Side A
1. Intro (Aerosmith/Get a Grip)
2. Eat the Rich
3. Get a Grip
4. Fever
5. Livin' on the Edge

Disc 1 - Side B
1. Flesh
2. Walk on Down
3. Shut Up and Dance

Disc 2 - Side A
1. Cryin'
2. Gotta Love It
3. Crazy

Disc 2 - Side B
1. Line Up
2. Amazing
3. Boogie Man

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