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Jewelry Care Guidelines

It is important to have your jewelry cleaned and serviced on a regular basis to keep it in excellent condition. We invite you to stay in touch and share any concerns you may have about your jewelry to determine if it needs repair.

Joe Perry has been wearing his rings and necklaces on stage throughout world tours and the jewelry remains in tip top shape. Donna Distefano measures the rock star life as the ultimate durability test for fine jewelry. With that in mind, we still recommend following these guidelines. Simple basic jewelry care must be maintained to ensure that your jewelry becomes an heirloom.

Store each piece of jewelry in either a jewelry case or in the box provided by Aerosmith x Distefano. Keep each piece separated from the others. Hard stones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires can scratch gold and softer stones, such as emeralds, pearls, and opals. Remove your jewelry when you are working out, but do not drop your jewelry in your purse. This can scratch the gemstones and gold.

Do not wrap jewelry in a tissue; chances are great that you will throw that tissue away. We will be happy to provide an extra jewelry case to keep in your purse. Avoid storing your jewelry near a heating vent or in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade some colored gemstones. Remove your jewelry when doing household chores or gardening. Cleaning products can cause gold to disintegrate and discolor. Remove your jewelry before swimming. Chlorine can damage many gemstones and can erode and discolor precious metals. Saltwater, after a period of time, can also damage many gemstones. Wait until you've finished applying your makeup, hair product, and perfume before you put on your jewelry. Cosmetics can cause damage to pearls, making them lose their luster.

Remove your jewelry before taking a shower. Soap can create a film on gemstones, making them appear dull. Please do not remove your jewelry over a sink or any open drain. Earrings and rings can easily fall down the drain.

Examine your jewelry periodically to make sure the settings are snug and the clasps and connections are secured. Prong settings are vulnerable if they are hit against a hard surface or if snagged on clothing.

Donna Distefano will be happy to check the prongs and the clasps and connections, and will repair these for you if necessary.

When you finish wearing a pearl necklace or any other piece that is composed of individual stones or beads strung together, lay it flat to prevent the silk thread from stretching. Have your pearls restrung no less than every five years, or more if you wear them frequently. The silk thread can wear out, and you can lose pearls if the thread should break. Use a jewelry cleaner designed for silver. You can reduce tarnishing by sealing silver jewelry tightly in a plastic bag. Don't do this with pearls. Clean your jewelry regularly. The best way is to use a cleaner made especially for jewelry. We are happy to provide or recommend jewelry care products.